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Our regular rides are usually 'run what you brung', meaning that you'll be able to get around on a cyclocross/gravel bike or mountain bike. Some confident riders have even turned up on a commuter or roadie!

Saying that, you'll generally have the most fun on a bike with knobbly tyres. We have a generous community and a couple of bikes to lend out, so if you want to try out a cyclocross bike for a session get in touch!


If a ride or event requires a certain type of bike, we'll let you know in the description. For instance, to race cyclocross you'll need a cyclocross bike with maximum 35cc tyres.

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Lycra, t-shirt, skinsuit, fancy dress - turn up in what you feel most comfortable in!


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Our regular rides and sessions are all free and run by volunteers.


If events have a cost associated with them, we'll let you know in the description!

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You don't need any specific insurance to take part in our regular training sessions or social rides.

If you would like the assurance of Third Party Public Liability Insurance and/or Personal Accident Insurance whilst riding, check out AusCycling's Lifestyle Membership.

To race, you will need a Race License, which includes Third Party Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance. You can opt for either an AusCycling Race Off-road Membership, which covers MTB, BMX, freestyle and CX, or an AusCycling Race All Discipline Membership, which (you guessed it!) covers all racing on two-wheels.

If you're new to racing, AusCycling offers a 4 Week Free Trial Membership, so get involved!

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